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by Jeff VanderWal - Thursday, 3 March 2022, 11:18 AM
Anyone in the world

Paul Loko

Togo – French

I would like to say a big thank you to the initiators of this extraordinarily rich and exciting program. My sincere gratitude to the Mentors who coached me and especially to Mentor Koffi.

This program is great! It helped me make three major discoveries:

     1. The discovery of the world of youth: I discovered the conception and vision of the world of
         youth, their behavior and especially their focus in life.

     2. Self-discovery: through this program I discovered talents and skills that were hidden in me.
         I have seen my reflection and analysis capacity increase considerably.

     3. The assessment of my walk with Christ and my experiences: I was led to go back into my past.
          This helped me review several things in my life.

It is impossible to really follow this training without being motivated to go into youth ministry! I love Horizon, it is so exciting! I call on pastors, children and youth workers to connect with the Horizons course. They will inevitably be better equipped to be more effective in their ministry.

His main Mentor was Koffi from Togo.

Training completed on May 1,2021

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