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by Jeff VanderWal - Thursday, 3 March 2022, 11:24 AM
Anyone in the world

Pastor COMAR CODJIA Kokou, National Youth Director of the Togo Baptist Convention , Senior Pastor of La Moisson Baptist ChurchPastor COMAR CODJIA Kokou

I really  want to thank God for the opportunity given  to me to be able to follow the Horizons’ programme. I thank the Lord for the life of the initiators and leaders of this fascinating programme.

After completing  the Hirozons’ programme and I can testify loudly  and  with a clear voice  that it is a very rich programme, which opened my eyes on many aspects of the youth group. It's trueI have beed in the youth minitry for years but thanks to the Horizons’ programme, I discovered many mistakes were committed  in the past. With the Horizons’ programme, I realised the importance of nurturing the young people in a different way. I discovered that the young people in our churches are completely abandone and left to their own. With this  have a Horizons’ training I have found again the great responsibility, being equipped to take care of the youth and building theem up to be who  God wants them to be. The youth group represents a vital part of the church and we need to take care of them because with the youth we can win other young people  and thus implement  God's mission.

This Horizon programme has sparked a fire in me as far as youth ministry is concerned ; I even felt  a bit outraged that we were doing almost nothing for this vibrant youth.

I am  henceforth superbly  filled and  well equipped to do more in the youth ministry.

I believe this programme goes beyond  the youth leaders. Pastors and church leaders must follow this Horizons’ programme. I therefore make a solemn appeal to all youth leaders and especially to all pastors that this Horizons’ programme is a very vital tool for us if we are to do our ministry efficiently. Pastors, Apostles, youth leaders at all levels, seize this opportunity that Horizons offers for a more effective and productive ministry in the lives of the youth in our churches.

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Anyone in the world

Michael Hamusira Muyenga (Namibia)

Horizon course is quite a good experience with so much to learn. It has broadened my knowledge and gave me a clear picture of what Youth ministry is and how it should be ministered.
I would like to thank brother Koffi, my mentor for accompanying and guiding me through this wonderful journey. You are indeed a good leader and best mentor, God bless you.
Brother Elias, Dr Jeff, thank you for your assistance. May God bless you all.

I would like to encourage other Youth leaders out there with a passion to serve others to register and do the Horizons course, it is worth doing.
Thank you and God bless us

Michael Hamusira Muyenga (Namibia)

Michael Hamusira Muyenga (Namibia)

Oluniyi Akinbola (Nigeria)

I got to know about the course through a Baptist Youth WhatsApp group. I have passion for the youth ministry and had been involved in the ministry since 2006. Since then, I had been searching for an opportunity to undergo a training that is designed specifically to train and develop youth workers.
Coming across the youth leadership training of the BWA accorded me the opportunity I have been searching for so many years. It was an answered prayer.

Oluniyi Akinbola (Nigeria)

 The course is straight forward and simple to comprehend. Among the lessons I learnt during the course include how to write the mission statement, the youth culture and subculture, planning, and budgeting for a youth event. I also learnt the challenges youth face and how to handle them. I also learnt that the youth worker is to give listening ears to the youth and evaluated my motivation for involving in youth ministry. What I like most about the course is that each unit and module come up with practical approach to the youth ministry. I therefore recommend it for all levels of youth leadership, especially for volunteers who may not have had any form of training in youth ministry in the Baptist denomination and beyond.

Oluniyi Akinbola (Nigeria)





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by Jeff VanderWal - Thursday, 3 March 2022, 11:22 AM
Anyone in the world

Horizons Youth Course Training – Nigeria

It was really a great privilege to have been part of this rich, educative and edifying program. Horizons gave me the best opportunity to get to know the various approaches to youth ministry in a world of openness where everything is not wrong, and Horizons program is a necessary point of contact. My journey through the entire Units and modules gave me every reason to appreciate what Horizons is doing in building a strong and edifying church for Christ. The journey through the mentorship of both Elias and Koffi was encouraging, and I thank you both. I recommend everyone in the youth ministry to take advantage of the Horizons training for effective youth ministry in the postmodern world.
Rev Barnabas Gabriel Akadon

Horizons Youth Course Training – Namibia

My brother Elias, The AABYF Executives, thank you for your daily encouragements towards my leadership, it’s really helpful, and God blesses you. My mentor and advisor Koffi Kpomgbe, you are an inspiration, an asset of AABYF. Thank you a lot my brother.  Units of Horizons are wealthy to attend; they informed me how I should be as a leader. I couldn’t know some aspects, but through modules of horizons, I learned a lot.  My encouragements to all youth of AABYF and BWA let us seek benefit within this course. Let us all register and be part of this noble program.
God bless AABYF
God bless BWA
God bless Horizon leadership

Jonas Kakenge Mbwenga




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Anyone in the world

Horizons Youth Course Training

Last May 14-15, 2021 the BWA Horizons’ Mentor Ding Gatluak from South Sudan, resident temporarily in Kenya, organized a programme for Young Leaders in Nairobi Kenya where he promoted the BWA Horizons. “These are Nuer Christian Youth for Peace and Development of South Sudan in Nairobi Kenya; they are of different denominations and their totals for the last two days are between 130-150”, wrote Gatluak. I have shared with their leaders the Problems Youth Face and they invited me to share with them the problems Young People do face. They were choked that their organization is not aware of youth problems and do not know how to help youth to overcome their problems.

This was a great opportunity for Mentor Ding to expose the BWA Horizons Training Initiative to the attendance. More of the kind are to come soon, promised Ding to his Mentor Koffi.


by Jeff VanderWal - Thursday, 3 March 2022, 11:18 AM
Anyone in the world

Paul Loko

Togo – French

I would like to say a big thank you to the initiators of this extraordinarily rich and exciting program. My sincere gratitude to the Mentors who coached me and especially to Mentor Koffi.

This program is great! It helped me make three major discoveries:

     1. The discovery of the world of youth: I discovered the conception and vision of the world of
         youth, their behavior and especially their focus in life.

     2. Self-discovery: through this program I discovered talents and skills that were hidden in me.
         I have seen my reflection and analysis capacity increase considerably.

     3. The assessment of my walk with Christ and my experiences: I was led to go back into my past.
          This helped me review several things in my life.

It is impossible to really follow this training without being motivated to go into youth ministry! I love Horizon, it is so exciting! I call on pastors, children and youth workers to connect with the Horizons course. They will inevitably be better equipped to be more effective in their ministry.

His main Mentor was Koffi from Togo.

Training completed on May 1,2021

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